Rules of NWL
Here the 10 rules of NWL:

1) The draw will be done on so please every leader should check his Players at wgtour, every player who participate in a NW must be added to the roster.

2) The NWs will be played most likely iccup (if it work) The meeting point for the NW is at ICCup in the Channel for the league, for example: NWL-1A...if iccup is down, the meeting point will be at europe server in the same channel.

3) The NW consists of 4 1v1 and 1 2v2, a player can not be used twice in a 1V1, but a player can play for example a 1V1 and the 2v2.

4) The draw should be done latest 15minutes after starting the NW.

5) If a nation only has 4 players (without the leaders) and they want to wait for another player who is currently playing, afk or offline, the other nation mustn't wait any longer then 10minutes after the draw is launched (they of course can agree to wait longer if they want to). So all 1V1 must be started at least 25minutes after the default line, if the opponent doesn't want to wait any longer.

6) This league is only for activate the Nations, so try to play good and mannerd NWs.

7) All Games must be plaYed with ICC-Antihack Launcher on, if the game will be played at Europe server, Chaos Launcher can of course being used, but both have to agree.

8) There is a defaulted Starting Map for every week, then its looses choice from the mappool of the WNL.

9) Bugs.
Allowed to use:
»Plague on interceptor
»Units pressed through
»drops to defuse mines
»Mineral walk
»Manner Pylon
»Lurker hold position

Not allowed to use:
»Flying drones and templars
»Terran sliding buildings
»A bug which allows your units to remain stacked while moving/attacking
»Allied mines
»Intentional dropping lurker and SCV - defined by referee

10) People have to contact the leader of the other nation and contact with me at least 24 hours before the NW starts about postponing.
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